Get Sprouting!

It’s spring and an exciting time to be a Parkallen Sprout.

To register, click on the REGISTER tab at the top of this page.

We’ve received funding from Fido/Evergreen as well as support from the Parkallen Community League, The City of Edmonton and Sustainable Food Edmonton to grow The Parkallen Community Garden and get little hands dirty growing food, learning about permaculture and building a fantastic green space  in the fresh air. Because of our funding and lots of volunteer hours, The Parkallen Sprouts is free to join and participate in.

We’re even working towards some projects with The Parkallen School.

We’re building four children’s gardening beds  at the heart of the Parkallen Community Garden. Ours to tend, harvest and enjoy:

Parkallen Sprouts Bed Number 1: A Pizza Garden with a Pizza Party at the Parkallen Hall in the fall.

Parkallen Sprouts Bed Number 2: A Native Plants Spiral This showcase garden will be built from local stones, planted with native plants and will be a great learning experience for the Parkallen gardeners who put it together.

Sprouts Bed Number 3: A Bug & Butterfly Garden We’ll plant some species that give our local winged wildlife some great habitat, take some field notes on what we see and right up our findings for the Parkallen Community Newsletter.

Sprouts Bed Number 4: A Your 5 Senses Garden with things to see, taste, feel, smell and hear.

Throughout  spring, summer, and fall, you’ll be invited to participate in various workshops and gardening bees. We’ll meet on a casual, drop-in basis. Parents are welcome to attend the workshops and workbees with their children, or kids 6 and older can be dropped off. Parents (or caregivers) of small children (6 and under) will be required to attend with their little sprouts.

Interested? Register now to be invited to Sprout Workshops. Subscribe to this blog (enter your e-mail address in the top-right hand corner) to keep up to date on what’s sprouting in Parkallen.

“Baby Zucchini” Photo by Marlene Wurfel


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